We helped the design team at Norconsult to meet BIM extensive requirements for their model based hospital project, Radiumhospitalet. We developed a custom-made addin, made Dynamo graphs and held Dynamo trainings to upskill the team members, all in close collaboration with the engineers.

The extensive requirements for the project required a more refined and efficent way of managing the information in the models. Our addin made it possible to bulk set a lot of parameters in Revit, while at the same time giving the designer full control of the process. Heavy automation typically reduces the designers' commitment to the data. We rather took an approach of providing the designers better tools, which are and simple yet powerful for managing extensive information content in Revit.

The development was done in several iterations, where we started off by getting a clear picture of the underlying issue and Norconsult's suggestion for solution. By collaborating closely and continous testing and development the result was software that significantly reduced man-hours for model management leaving the engineers to focus on design and not neverending quality assurance.

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