AEC Developer
Full time
Oslo, Norway
  • Who we are:
    Reope is a global community of engineers and architects who learned to code and came together to create better tools and processes for our peers. Our clients enjoy working with us because we understand the shitty workflows they have to endure, and we love working with them because we get to solve our own challenges as well.
  • Who we're looking for:
    We're looking for someone who is passionate about automating AEC workflows. We'd love it if you were irritated, if not angered, by the amount of tedious and useless work done by highly educated people in our industry. And we’d go absolutely bonkers if you have the skills and willingness to do something about it.
  • Experience and Requirements:
    • You have 2+ years of professional experience developing software for AEC industry and integrating with industry-leading software
    • You know C# really well and can implement UIs in WPF or Vue
    • You have a solid understanding of Revit API, and you are familiar with Forge API
    • You are familiar with ifcopenshell and other AEC related frameworks and platforms
    • AEC workflows are your jam, and you develop them with software design patterns, good software architecture, and agile practices in mind
    • You don’t hesitate to write tests and you maintain your tests
    • You know about git, CI/CD, python/powershell and you automate your developer workflows
    • You have a good understanding of file formats and data standards used in the industry
    • Bonus: You have a good understanding of computational geometry and IFC
  • Responsibilities:
    • Executing software development projects with our team of developers
    • Leading digital collaboration and data automation processes in building and infrastructure projects
    • Developing digital design and construction automation processes.
    • Designing small and medium-sized, scalable software systems with our team of developers
    • Identifying clients' challenges and collaborating directly with them to find solutions through a flexible and agile approach
  • What we offer:
    • The kindest and most collaborative colleagues you can ever imagine
    • Super cool, fun, and inspiring international clients and projects in architecture and engineering
    • Competitive terms, of course
    • The famous Norwegian work-life balance and non-hierarchical working environment
    • Spacious office in a hippie coworking space, 6 minutes walking from Oslo Central Station
    • Great health & travel insurance, and a boring standard pension savings setup
    • Flat profit sharing agreement that works for both yearly profits and exit
    • Internet at home and mobile subscription

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