Anker is a better way to manage your project metadata.

Do you...
  • Get angry when managing data on large projects with many files?
  • Cry when manually creating properties from owner BIM requirements?
  • Lose your mind because someone needed to rename a Shared Parameter in Revit?
Anker solves all of this. And more. Interested? Drop us your email and we'll get you setup:
What is Anker?
Anker is a web database live linked with your BIM tools, giving all team members access to edit and review design, construction and facilities data. It creates properties in one place, automates data creation, validates your metadata, and exports it to IFC. Bom bom bom.
Why should I use Anker?
Because today's BIM software just sucks at managing data. We built Anker because we have personally struggled for years creating and checking high-quality information-rich BIM deliverables. We tried Dynamo scripts, we made add-ins and we realized what we really needed was Anker.
What does it cost?
We don't know yet! We have built Anker because we believe it is valuable, but we would like you to test it and tell us what you think. It's currently in open beta and free.
I want to know more!
Great! We have documentation to get you up and running, and you can always reach out with further questions.

And keep an eye out on the docs! We're working on new features all the time.

Want to talk with us about Anker and effective data management?

Get in touch with Harsh. His number is +47 458 63 833 and his email is

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