Radar & Metrics
Heatherwick Studio reach out to Reope to check out whether we can assist them with better data management in BIM and design environments.

Heatherwick's team grew sick and tired of manually checking the information contained within their Revit Models and they wanted to do something about it - invent a tool that would allow them to quality control several models without a need of even opening Revit.

Simultaneously design teams were suffering due to the significant limitation of Rhino - As a modeling software Rhino does not have an ability to insert parameters into the geometry nor to schedule them which significantly limits the quality and pace of the design.

Over the course of just 2 months we managed to solve both of these problems by developing two new tools for Heatherwick Studio: Metrics and Radar. While Metrics was created from the ground up, Radar is a result of further development of one of the tools we created for previous clients.

Radar is a quality control application for Revit models that monitors the evolution of Revit files controlling the implementation of the specific BIM standards at any firm, optimizing Revit workflows. It is composed of a Revit plugin that extracts information from the Revit models generating reports that can be visualized in the standalone Radar Dashboard. This Dashboard can show the information of one or multiple Revit files, comparing the information of these models simultaneously.

Metrics is a Rhinoceros plugin that allows to create custom parameters and levels for Rhino geometry to compare different variations of the same project, helping to take more informed decisions about how the project should evolve. For example, the user can create parameters for areas, level of occupancy or construction phases. These parameters and levels can be then reported in schedules and visualized in the Rhino environment.

Both of the tools are now available as part of our Toolbox.
You can give them a quick spin by clicking here!

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