Full time
Oslo, Norway
  • Personal
    You are happy but never satisfied. You are lazy but passionate. You love to laugh but you get so mad when you see poorly functioning software out in the open.
  • Experience and education
    We don't get very excited about formal education, but in general we are hoping you have the following background or similar:

    • Knowledge of Full-Stack Web Development.
    • Excellent skills with Javascript, Typescript & React.
    • Working ability with Python, C# & Git/Github.
    • Skills in modern Javascript frameworks a major plus (Vue.Js / React / Angular).
    • Working experience from the AEC industry is not required, but helpful.
    We do get very excited if you have actively participated in any type of knowledge sharing activity.
  • Work
    Most of our clients hire us for the following:

    • Executing software development projects with our team of developers.
    • Leading digital collaboration and data automation processes in building and infrastructure projects.
    • Developing digital design and construction automation processes.
    What we think you'll be doing on a day-to-day basis is:

    • Developing (full-stack) web apps for our AEC clients.
    • Building front-end UI's for web and potentially desktop applications.
    • Designing medium sized, scalable software systems with our team of developers.
    We are an IT consultancy and sometimes that means that we work in our client's offices. We do, however, try to maintain a strong bond by collaborating and having common days at our offices in Oslo. There, shoulders are low, ceilings are high, and you can get out all the anger you build up during the week with the rest of us.

    Please note that as much as you want us to, we are not currently looking for remote colleagues or consultants.
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