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Revit tools
The best Dynamo Scripts made as Revit Addins.
Night Runner

Night Runner ensures quality and consistency of parameters in Revit Families, Types and Settings across multiple files on large projects.

Exists because manually synchronizing multiple Revit central files sucks so hard.

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Color Parameters

Color Override all visible elements based on any combination of parameters and values. Great for intuitive visual QA.

Exists because View Filters suck.
Views by Scope Boxes

Revit Addin that generates 3D, Floor Plan, Ceiling Plan and Section Views by selected Scope Boxes, and automatically applies View Names and Parameters for Browser Organization.

Exists because it's faster.

Revit Addin that Color Overrides all line based elements in current Revit view that do not align with any Grids in the project.

Because highly skilled architects and engineers waste their lives tracking down non-aligned walls in Revit.
Scope Boxes

Lists all Scope Boxes in the active Revit model after name, Level and Elevation, and allows for filtering and selection.

Exists because Revit doesn't let you schedule or assign parameters to Scope Boxes, which sucks when you have many.
LandXML Importer
LandXML importer for building terrain surfaces. Improved import algorithm for faster, clearer, and more reliable manifestation of design intent over competing products.

Because working with different geometries for landscape and terrain in Revit sucks.
Align Link
Moves, rotates and pins any IFC or RVT link in Revit based on the document's active shared coordinates, allowing for much easier open BIM workflows.

Exists because Shared Coordinates with IFC files doesn't work.

Inspired by Einar Raknes.
Sync Reports

Publishes a small list of the most important Revit data to PowerBI every time someone on a project synchronizes. Helps a BIM team understand which models to focus efforts on, and who-changed-what. Reports on Location, Username, Levels, Grids, in addition to quantities of Warnings, off-axis Walls, File Size, Filled Regions, In-Place Families, Detail Lines, Imported and Linked DWG's and Views not on Sheets.

Exists because it offers potentially high reward for little effort.
Automation Tools
Increased Level of Happiness from less manual labor.
Custom Parameter Copy Script

Python script that copies element data between linked Revit models based on distance tolerance. Runs with Revit Batch Processor at night, automatically updating architectural models with Fire, Acoustic, Security and Technical design data.

Exists because manually copying Revit parameter values sucks terribly hard.
IFC export Python Script

Exports IFC from based on Publish Sets from multiple Archicad files. Semi-automatic as it has to be started from within an Archicad session.

Exists because manually exporting IFC files from Archicad sucks.
IFC Regeneration Workflow
Python Scripts that make Revit files from all IFC files in a list of folders. Runs with Revit Batch Processor at night, automatically updating all openBIM design models.

Exists so that your colleagues dont have to spend the first hour at work looking at Revit making IFC's. (Yay.)
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