Digital Marketing Specialist
Full time
Oslo, Norway
  • Position
    We have never hired a marketing specialist before and have no idea what to ask for. We would love to know more about what we can expect from you. That said, we know well that we need help from someone in creating and distributing our tone of voice, passion, knowledge and the value of what we do.
  • Personality
    We don't get very excited about formal education, but we love it (perhaps too much) when we meet people who share their personality and passion for what they do with their colleagues and peers. Reope is a collective of people who are not content with the state of the building industry, and we'd love for you also to be easily annoyed when tools and processes are not doing what they should. If you occasionally feel like this, you'll fit right in.

    Also, you don't have to be an expert in everything. We are looking for people with personality and talent, who are eager to learn with us.
  • Work
    Most of our clients hire us for:

    • Automating data quality in construction. (That might make no sense for you, but it's very important for the construction industry.)
    • Leading software development projects with our team of coding architects and engineers.
    • Building and implementing design automation processes for other architects and engineers.
    • Teaching people how to code.
    We do this because so many people waste their lives doing meaningless manual work.

    We think we need help from you with:

    • Creating better online video material than we are able to make today.
    • Photography and image editing for internal and external use.
    • Developing and quality assuring texts for blogs, posts and articles.
    • Collaborating with our strategic marketing partner company.
    • Planning and executing seminars, webinars, social gatherings and conferences.
    • Improving our appearance on, in presentations and in media.
    If you think that list sucks, we'd love to hear why. If you want to add, remove or change items in it, we're eager to listen.

    Please note that the position is a full time employment in Oslo, Norway, and that we are currently not looking for remote colleagues or consultants.
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