Anker Product Manager
Full time, Oslo.
  • Why
    Humans need to work on problems that only humans can solve. They should not waste their time trying to organise poor construction data manually. If you become the new Product Manager of Anker, your efforts will automate the production of quality construction data, so that we can all build more with less. Less energy. Less waste. Less time. More trust.
  • What
    We need your help to drive the development of our product together with the people who are using it and the people who are building it. Our product, Anker, will change the building industry by ensuring the integrity of data, as it flows from design to construction and operations. Together, we can make construction stakeholders start trusting data so that digital construction becomes the norm.
  • Who
    We don't get very hung up on formal education. We love driven people who enjoy sharing their knowledge and passion with others. We hope you possess a combination of technical and social ability, and that you like to use these to create new things together with people.

    Still, to give you an idea of if this is something for you, it's an advantage for all of us if you:

    • Have experience with Product Development.
    • Know what Digital Construction is and why it's important.
    • Have experience in Web Technologies.
    • Have experience with Databases.
    • Have knowledge of BIM.
    • Speak Norwegian, at least on a conversational level.
    We will not ask you how many years you worked on this and that, but we may talk about why you have made the choices you have made regarding your experience.
  • How
    Our clients purchase Anker because they want to use construction data instead of paper drawings. You will help make that happen by connecting our their needs with our team's creative ability to build good software. You will experience high levels of autonomy, but to give an idea of your work day, the activities that we hope you will like most may be:

    • Understand what the people using Anker really need.
    • Discover the possibilities and risks of features and methods with the people creating Anker.
    • Using your analytical and social skills to optimise product value creation in the processes between the above, by driving product development priorities and focus.
    • Seeing the spark in the eyes of those whose lives are made easier by what you build.
    • Show people who are not using Anker why they should.
    • Drive product implementation to find 90/10 solutions.
    We share our location, lunch, and good times with our friends and colleagues at the sister software company Reope. We are also part of the international Bad Monkeys network that spans from Brisbane to LA, that includes some of the most influential disruptors in the AEC tech space. You will have a big and very skilled network to interact and grow with.

    While applying, please note that we are not currently looking for remote colleagues or consultants. To do what we need to do, you need to be an integral part of our team, with your boots on the ground.
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