Heatherwick Studio
Custom Application Development
We've been working with the BIM and Geometry teams at Heatherwick studio through our standard subscription offering - building custom software solutions and consulting on their firmwide digital strategy related to tooling, standards, and upskilling.

As part of this ongoing collaboration, we've developed two tools for them - Radar & Metrics.
Radar extracts important Revit data from your projects and displays it in an intuitive and customizable dashboard. You can track and compare multiple projects at once, analyze the history of changes and print out reports as PDFs. Your data is always up to date since Radar updates the information the moment anyone synchronizes or saves the model!
Radar: Live Revit QA/QC dashboards
Metrics allows you to create and report custom parameters and levels for all Rhino geometry. Metrics can schedule your design data, so that you can make informed decisions about your project as early as possible. We've also built a Grasshopper plugin that allows you to extend the reporting of data and create custom visualizations.
Metrics: Instant area tables in Rhino