Automation Development and Consultancy
Sykehusbygg reached out to Reope to see if we could assist them with streamlining their ongoing process of data management in Revit. Sykehusbygg is the owner of the hospital buildings in Norway, and they are massively investing in new hospitals for the next ten years. As a consequence of the shift towards extensive BIM and model based construction, Sykehusbygg wants to ensure that all design models are aligned with their requirements. To cope with this they can keep on paying architects for doing spell checks of properties across several projects, or they could think of smarter ways of doing this.

A brilliant thing that Sykehusbygg already were doing, was to manage their requirements into one central SQL database for their entire organization and future projects. Our job was to make the connection betweeen the database and Autodesk Revit. Now, the BIM managers at Sykehusbygg can maintain the parameter definitions in a single database, and pull the updates to every ongoing project. In addition, Reope assisted the client in personal upskilling of Dynamo, Python and C#.

As a subsequent project, Sykehusbygg ordered an installer for deploying the addin to their design teams.