Don't let Revit control your life
Radar is a tool that extracts important Revit data from your projects and displays it in an intuitive and customizable dashboard. You can track and compare multiple projects at once, analyze the history of changes and print out reports as PDFs. Your data is always up to date since Radar updates the information the moment anyone synchronizes or saves the model!

Currently, Radar reports on over 60 project-related parameters such as:
Shared location, Levels, Elevations, Grids, Linked and Imported files, Project Browser, Views, Sheets, Annotation elements, Shared Parameters, Design Options, Worksets, Families, Groups, Warnings and many, many more.

The tool has been developed together with multiple design technology teams to help them understand what is going on in multiple Revit models on large projects without having to open files and look for stuff manually. The result is an awesome quality check process that is easier than ever before!

Need more information? Swing by our Documentation page!