Digital Transformation

Renzo Piano Building Workshop approached us with a simple goal in mind:

"We want our offices to become more efficient with the use of the technology. Could you help us with that?"

Based on that simple question a long-term standard subscription collaboration has been established and ever since we have been helping them on regular bases by being their development team.

One of the main goals of the collaboration was to bridge the gap between Genova and Paris offices - Synchronize their standards and make sure that knowledge is shared equally between both locations.
To achieve this with the help of representatives of both offices we created a long term progress plan that would result in the general increase of the technical proficiency of Renzo Piano Building Workshop as an architectural firm.

We now consult RPBW on their everyday problems, we develop custom software solutions, we make training sessions but most importantly - We work with both offices hand in hand on their project to find the most efficient solutions for their problems.

Activities so far involved creation several custom Revit tools, two of which are already part of our Toolbox - Room Finish, tool for extracting the materials of Revit elements bounding the Room and reporting them as custom room parameters and Material Goggles, tool for quality controlling material distribution within the project.
You can experience the fruits of that collaboration by giving our Toolbox a spin!

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