Reope's Educational subscription gives professors and their students access to all tools in Toolbox for free until the end of the academic year.

We've decided to unlock our Toolbox for educational use - absolutely free. Why? Because the future of the AEC industry rests on the shoulders of its students, and we're committed to nurturing that growth.

Professors, want your students to master Revit and truly enjoy it? You need this.

Students, don't want to invest years into mastering soon-to-be outdated workflows? Tell your professors you need this.

Night Runner makes multiple Revit files' families, types and settings identical, and saves large projects countless hours.
Color Parameters helps your design teams understand the data in their models in a visually beautiful way.
Radar helps design team better understand the content of their models and on which aspects to focus their efforts on.
Refresh all the IFC files linked to your Revit project automatically.
Parameter Link makes copying parameters from linked files easier than ever before.
Metrics allows you to assign parameters to objects to obtain schedulable information that will immediately enrich your Rhino model with data that you need,
Upon application, we'll grant a predetermined number of free Toolbox licenses, valid until the end of the academic year.
But don't worry; when a new academic year starts, you can sign up for a free license again. And again. And again!