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Night Runner
Standardize your Revit models while you're sleeping

Cut work hours and enhance model quality
Automate model uniformity across multiple Revit files
Track interactions between Type File and Project File updates
Suitable for large and small projects

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Material Goggles
A quick and easy way to display and differentiate all of the materials applied to your elements - Use category filter to paint, select or isolate elements with material of your choice.

Created because manually checking Revit materials before exporting model for rendering is a drag!
Room Finishes
Gather all materials from your Revit Rooms at selected levels and transfer that information into paramters using just one click!

Created because managing data in controlled manner is essential.

Learn more about it here.
Night Vision
Locate the discrepancies between your Revit model and linked file within seconds.
Helps visualize the location based matches between local and linked doors, walls and curtain walls.

Created because coordination of files between different disciplines can get out of hand quickly.
Update and synchronize scope boxes from a template file by auto-generating 3d views for each scope box and locking its section box.

Created because coordination of 3D views before export to IFC is a nightmare.
Align Link
Moves, rotates and pins any IFC or RVT link in Revit based on the document's active shared coordinates, allowing for much easier open BIM workflows.

Exists because Shared Coordinates with IFC files doesn't work.

Inspired by Einar Raknes.
Views by Scope Boxes
Revit Addin that generates 3D, Floor Plan, Ceiling Plan and Section Views by selected Scope Boxes, and automatically applies View Names and Parameters for Browser Organization.

Exists because it's faster.
Revit Addin that Color Overrides all line based elements in current Revit view that do not align with any Grids in the project.

Because highly skilled architects and engineers waste their lives tracking down non-aligned walls in Revit.
LandXML Importer
LandXML importer for building terrain surfaces. Improved import algorithm for faster, clearer, and more reliable manifestation of design intent over competing products.

Because working with different geometries for landscape and terrain in Revit sucks.
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