Wanna feel the industry's pulse? Be at DKT.

If you’re looking for driven people in the Scandinavian AEC world and beyond, they’re all there. Trying to elevate the slow-paced industry and visiting each other's booths to steal each other's squishy stress balls.
Conferences like this are changing the way we perceive our own limitations as professionals. This year’s lesson: not even the sky is the limit.
A huge added bonus for us is hearing about the fucking waste of talent tasks you still do, so we can do something about it! Software companies like Reope, or our runway-ready friends from NORKART, fiercely cherish this feedback. This year, we heard you’re still angry and still wasting time inefficiently clicking away. We were happy to remind you that we can help you fix this!
We also saw some speeches that left us speechless. Read on to find our our favorites!

3D Printing of Concrete as an Enabling Technology for Construction and Civil Engineering

If DKT is providing us a look into the future, then you could say Karianne Ormseth (Mechatronics Innovation Lab) and Eirik Kristensen (Veidekke) showed up with an HDMI cable and plugged the future right into the big screen.
We still have to pinch ourselves when terms like 3D concrete printing robots, BIM to machine processes, and AI for geometry are thrown around like it’s something mundane. It’s not. It’s brilliant. And it’s a no-brainer as well, with the perspective of cutting material consumption, time, and CO2 footprint. We’re proud to be a part of this project with our script powering the 3D printing robot. Exciting stuff!

Rebar Done Quick

We can definitely picture Gustav Blom wearing our mech. Repetitive tasks that waste your talent and time can go straight to AEC jail, never to be seen again, subjected to merciless daily automation!
It’s complicated to model rebars in Revit the OG way, so what the clever Rambøllinas did was to create a plugin to just select concrete elements, run the plugin, and magically the rebars are correctly modeled in seconds. Do we wish we had developed this plugin? Sure. Are we happy to give credit to Rambøll for pushing our industry forward? Absolutely!

How to Succeed with Model-Based Construction?

Exactly what every digital design manager and BIM coordinator in the audience has been hoping to see! We can never have enough talk using the right tools for the right phase of the project. It was a pleasure to see Multiconsult’s Kjelman Fredrik and COWI’s Signe Marit Dahl Lakså shed some light on how to integrate point clouds into the BIM models to compare reality to BIM. As BIM strategy nerds, we are here for it 100%.

And the BIG surprise at the end- moving to the Moon. The Danish architecture giant is collaborating with NASA and researching livable capsules. Sign us up! (more info about it:

Thank you to ALL the amazing presenters for fueling our inspiration engines. Until we meet again!