What's An AEC Consultant Anyway?

You've seen those romantic comedies where the well-meaning but slightly disorganized protagonist meets the outgoing, savvy, and life-altering character who flips their world upside down - for the better. Now, let's rewrite that script for your architectural studio or construction company.
No, we don't have a charmingly floppy-haired British guy for you (we have an amazing bold Norwegian guy though). Still, we do have the savvy, life-altering part in the form of our consultants. These aren’t just people with fancy degrees and certifications (although they do have plenty of those, mind you). They’re the living, breathing, pulse-quickening heartbeat of digital transformation, the kind that can help you streamline your workflows, foster a collaborative environment, and leverage data-driven insights.

Who Are Reope Consultants?

When it comes to Reope consultants, think of them as the personal trainers of the architectural world. Just like how a fitness coach helps you hit your personal best, our consultants bring their A-game to enable you to hit new productivity highs.

Igor's, Thomas'or Johanna's magic formula is a mix of their vast industry experience, development skills, and commitment to get you to where you need to be. It's less about nosing around in your business, and more about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. They come equipped with not just knowledge, but understanding, empathy, and a real flair for turning challenges into opportunities.

What Do They Bring to the Table?

While we'd love to bust out the streamers and balloons to introduce our consultants, we'll let their expertise and experience do the talking instead. With diverse backgrounds spanning civil engineering, architecture, software development, and more, they bring a cumulative wealth of knowledge that is as broad as it is deep.
Our consultants hold advanced degrees in fields like geotechnics, architecture, but they're also full-stack developers which makes us believe their day must last 34 hours apparently... They've worked in diverse environments ranging from oil and gas installations to house building, and scaffolding design. They're experts in using tools like Revit, Dynamo, and Rhino/Grasshopper to automate and optimize workflows in the AEC industry.

Their talents go beyond just their academic and professional credentials. They're also known for creating tools that revolutionize workflows, like Dimitar's Spring Nodes for Dynamo.
But more than that, they're masters at translating the complex jargon of digital construction into easy-to-understand, actionable strategies. Whether it's providing guidance on leveraging Revit API, or optimizing the use of BIM for interdisciplinary coordination, they are ready to help.
They're the people who don’t just tell you what’s going wrong but help you understand why. They’re the people who don't just install software but ensure you know how to leverage it for the best results. They're the people who won't rest until you're not just satisfied but absolutely thrilled with the progress.

So here's the million-dollar question: Are you ready to meet your potential and push beyond it? If the answer is yes, reach out to us at any time. We're already excited about it!