Digitalization is calling Scandinavian construction. It’s getting the busy signal.

In Norway and Sweden, a word keeps popping up in every meeting we attend: forankring. It translates to something like “anchoring”. Whenever we build and implement something new and better, someone needs to be anchored, obligated, and sworn into this new plan. And not just a boss somewhere. Absolutely e-very-bo-dy…
If you are introducing a technology that takes someone's task away, they need to be on board with that decision. We don’t know if the Scandinavian consensus mentality is driving this, but, you know what? It’s annoying! We’re all for democracy, but sometimes a little solo 'gjennomføringskraft' (power of execution) would do well.

“I don’t want to!”

If an engineer doesn’t want to work with BIM, she doesn’t have to. If an architect prefers ArchiCAD, he can just use it. Even though everyone else on his team uses Revit. If a contractor prefers paper drawings, they use paper drawings. Personal preferences play a big part in Nordic countries, and on many occasions, they hinder and stop innovation!
We think the solution is to encourage brave leaders to just break through and execute, while, of course, listening to reason.

“I want to do it myself.”

A lot of engineers became very fond of coding. A lot of architects too. We know some of them work at Reope. This is also, in almost all ways, a good thing. But when people fall in love with their tools, like a lot of people, are doing today with their scripts, it can block scalable applications in their organizations.
You need to remember that the value of an automation process also correlates to how many other people use or benefit from it, not just yourself.

More AEC professionals need to get into IT

The IT industry has spent decades trying to learn the ins and outs of AEC, but that’s only half the job! Now AEC has to learn how to build scalable tools that people are willing to pay for. This is because the most important thing in software development is solving the right problem in a way that the right people will like!

Imagine the potency of amazing developers with knowledge of the AEC industry, coupled with awe-inspiring architects who know how to code. Hashtag goosebumps.