Could Blender BIM become your editing holy grail?

Blender BIM is a free and open-source software, which means there's no cost to use it, unlike commercial software packages which are often up to 5-7 thousand euros yearly, per user!
The development is done by actual industry professionals and architects, ensuring the tool meets real-world needs. So, it’s Reope approved for sure! It’s open source, so it’s community-approved as well.

Comprehensive Functionality

It allows for detailed and data-rich OpenBIM, supporting a wide range of BIM functionalities like audit and analysis, drawing generation, structural analysis, MEP systems, costing, scheduling, and facility management.
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Version Control for IFC Files

Since Blender BIM is a Native IFC tool (see above), it can offer git-like version control capabilities for IFC files, a feature that's extremely useful for teams and large project collaborations.
This feature allows tracking the history and evolution of designs, making changes and updates transparent, and adding comments to explain each change.
This is possible as IFC is a text-based format, which enables precise version control that already exists in software development world.

Python API

As Blender is cross-platform, Blender BIM can be used on Windows, Linux, and macOS, which is a rare feature for a BIM editor.

Advanced 3D Modeling Capabilities

Since Blender (an open-source industry-standard 3D modelling software and complete powerhouse) is used under the hood, the 3D modeling capabilities are much higher than what other commercial BIM software has to offer.

Native IFC Support

Blender BIM provides a higher level of IFC integration compared to commercial software, making it a robust platform for IFC authoring.
As a native IFC editor, Blender BIM ensures that the IFC data remains consistent and the IDs of elements are not altered during the editing process. This is crucial for maintaining data integrity across different IFC tools. Revit, Archicad and other household names do not offer the same as they have their proprietary formats and just perform exports to IFC.

It's still early to say if BLender BIM is the holy grail for BIM editing, and that's why we want to know what you think? Join the discussion over at our LinkedIn and while you're at it, give us a follow if you want to connect!