Design Automation
Oslo Works
Since August 2021 we have worked on a daily basis with the Norwegian architectural studio Oslo Works, helping with computational design workflows and BIM automation on a variety of projects.
Vitaminveien. Image credit: Oslo Works
Oslo Works has a Premium Subscription with us, which means they have access to one full time architect/developer and our entire suite of tools.
Tomtegata 64 in Drammen. Image credit: Oslo Works
The main activities that we do together include:
  • Developing generic environmental analysis workflows.
  • Developing automated façade studies scripts in Grasshopper for various project teams.
  • Developing BIM automation workflows with Rhino Inside Revit and Dynamo.
  • Revit, Rhino, Grasshopper, Rhino Inside, Dynamo and Reope Toolbox training sessions.
  • Developing workflows for working with topographies in BIM.
  • Developing design automation workflows for masterplans and competitions based on both specific or generic design strategies.